Dual-­‐Plasmonic Gold–Indium Oxide Hybrid Nanoparticles

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Photo: Gordon, Schaak

Thomas R. Gordon and Raymond E. Schaak* Department of Chemistry, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA 16801 DMR-­‐0820404 (Penn State MRSEC, IRG4)

In soluEon, gold (Au) nanoparEcles incorporate indium (In) at elevated temperatures to form Au-­‐In and AuIn2 alloys. SelecEve oxidaEon of the indium in the alloys then occurs, resulEng in the formaEon of indium oxide (In2O3). The In2O3 separates from the Au, forming a hybrid Au-­‐In2O3 nanoparEcle. Au parEcles absorb visible light while In2O3 parEcles absorb near infrared light, resulEng in a single parEcle with two disEnct opEcal (plasmonic) absorpEons.

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IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function