2015 Research Highlights

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2015 Research Highlights

IRG 1 - Designing Functionality into Layered Ferroics

Transition metal oxides offer properties beyond conventional semiconductors, but to bridge the gap between fundamental research and commercial devices requires wafer-scale growth of highquality thi

IRG 1 - Designing Functionality into Layered Ferroics

Oxynitrides are attractive due to a combination of visible-light absorption, photocatalytic activity, and high dielectric permittivity.

IRG 2 - Powered Motion on the Nanoscale

MRSEC-supported researchers have developed a reusable microfluidic device based on “acoustic tweezers” that can sort and manipulate cells and other micro/nanometer scale objects, potentially making

IRG 3 - High Pressure Enabled Electronic Metalattices

Amorphous silicon wires embedded in silica templates by high-pressure chemical vapor deposition (a technique also used to create ordered 3D metalattices) can be crystallized by a laser.

IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function

A current passed through VO2 destabilizes the monoclinic semiconducting phase and induces a phase transition to the tetragonal metallic phase.

Center Diversity

Center diversity efforts:

IRG 2 - Powered Motion on the Nanoscale

MRSEC researchers have used geometric boundaries to steer self-propelled Janus micromotors.

Seed Projects

A single superconducting flux quantum or “fluxon" Φ0 with magnetic moment “↑” can be exploited to switch the resistance of a nanowire between two discrete values, with potential long-term applicati