2016 Research Highlights

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2016 Research Highlights

Education & Outreach

The Millennium Science Complex hosts user facilities including the Nanofabrication Lab, the Materials Characterization Lab, and the Materials Computation Center.

IRG 2 - Nanomotors

Coffee rings form during the evaporation of colloidal suspensions.

IRG 3 - Metalattices

The availability of high-quality semiconductors in fiber form could be transformative in the vision of all-fiber optoelectronics.

IRG1 - Layered Ferroics

The complex interplay of spin, charge, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom supports exotic physical phenomena.

IRG1 - Layered Ferroics

Transparent conductors are materials that are transparent in the visible spectrum and electrically conducting.

IRG4 - Photonic Assemblies

A dielectric mirror comprised of a cross-shaped amorphous silicon nanoresonator array was designed to achieve 99.8% reflectivity and zero reflection phase at the wavelength of 0.99 μm.


The discovery of the quantum Hall (QH) effect led to the realization of a topological electronic state with dissipationless currents circulating in one direction along the edge of a two dimensional