A Cheap Disposable Microfluidic Device for Diagnosing Disease

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Feng Guo, Yuliang Xie, Sixing Li, James Lata, Liqiang Ren, Zhangming Mao, Baiyang Ren, Mengxi Wu, Adem Ozcelik, and Tony Jun Huang, Lab on a Chip, Vol. 15, pp. 4517 - 4523, 2015. NSF DMR-1420620 (with additional support from NIH).

MRSEC-supported researchers have developed a reusable microfluidic device based on “acoustic tweezers” that can sort and manipulate cells and other micro/nanometer scale objects, potentially making biomedical diagnosis of diseases cheaper and more convenient in regions where medical facilities are sparse or cost is prohibitive. The team has found a way to separate the fluid-containing part of the device from the much more expensive ultrasound-producing piezoelectric substrate, which makes disposable acoustic tweezers possible.

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IRG 2 - Powered Motion on the Nanoscale