Institutional-Level Diversity Initiatives#

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The Penn State MRSEC has recognized that, in order to further increase the diversity of our own Center participation, we need to target institutional-level change by addressing pipeline issues of recruiting, support and retention. While continuing
the historically most effective diversity-focused efforts that have provided consistent Center representation of female and URM participants above departmental levels, three brand new diversity initiatives were fully implemented in the past year:

  •  a Fall STEM Open House for prospective graduate students and senior year REU students
  • a joint event series called “Different People, Different Science, Working Together” which includes diversity training integrated with exposure to interdisciplinary research for participants in multiple summer research programs
  • a partnership with Penn State’s brand new Millennium Scholars program matches MRSEC faculty to first year undergraduate scholars for their first summer research experience#

Participants of these programs are female and URM individuals with direct or close reach to Center research activities.

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