IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function

Advances in materials synthesis and assembly, inspired by device function goals, will advance our understanding of the collective behavior of functional arrays in electronic and photonic applications.

Leader:  Christine Keating


IRG4 seeks to understand and control the organization of particle mixtures to generate photonic and electronic architectures in which non-additive functions are imparted by the collective properties of the array. Co-assemblies will incorporate multiple, distinct particle populations that vary in composition and consequently in their response to various directed self-assembly approaches (Figure, top/middle). Learning how to achieve desired assembly outcomes despite these differences, and to find ways to take advantage of them for increased control, will set the stage for a new era of nanomaterial-enabled device applications well beyond those proposed here. Three general classes of multicomponent assemblies will be investigated, incorporating new types of functional particles and spanning a wide range of organizational ordering schemes (Figure, bottom): (1) well-ordered arrays with single-particle positioning relative to underlying electrical contacts for fundamental studies of bioinspired synchronization in electronic oscillator networks; (2) arrays with intermediate order that will collectively define the spatial refractive index profile to manipulate light in new ways; (3) disordered assemblies of scattering particles to advance understanding of ‘random’ photonics, with a focus on lasing and nonlinear wave mixing.


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