Low-­‐Loss Zero-­‐Index Metamaterial in the Near-­‐Infrared

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Penn State MRSEC DMR-0820404: Seokho Yun, Zhi Hao Jiang, Lan Lin, Ding Ma, Jeremy A. Bossard, Xiande Wang, Qi Wu, Douglas H. Werner, Theresa S. Mayer, and Zhiwen Liu, Low-loss impedancematched optical metamaterials with zero phase delay, accepted in ACS Nano

The novel properties of meta-materials enable new technologies such as electromagnetic cloaks, flat near- and far-field focusing lenses, and transformation optics devices. MRSEC researchers’ nature-inspired design techniques and accurate fabrication methods minimize loss in this polarizationinsensitive free-standing gold-polyimide-gold meta-material which has both a zero refractive index and high transmission at 1.5μm. The vertical sidewalls eliminate bianisotropy. Low-loss meta-materials could enable a new generation of practical optical devices

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IRG 4 - Electromagnetic Nanostructures