MRSEC Outreach Teams

MRSEC graduate students and outreach staff compete together in the first annual Materials Safety Olympics!

Graduate students who participate in MRSEC research also engage in a variety of professional development, outreach, education, and community building activities.

Outreach Teams

Based on individual interests and professional development goals, MRSEC students join or lead an outreach team of their choice for the academic year.

MRI Tour Guide Team

Gives tours of the Millennium Science Complex building and research facilities to visiting groups such as teachers, undergraduates, and prospective graduate students.

Public Outreach Team

Engages kids and adults in science activities at events such as the annual summer Arts Fest Kids Day event and local science fairs.

Teacher & Education Team

Participates in K-12 outreach efforts, including school visits, summer science camps, and the annual Nanodays Teacher Workshop.

MRSEC Welcome Team

Welcomes and hosts MRSEC speakers, collaborators and prospective graduate students; supports diversity-related partnerships with Sloan and Millennium Scholars.

Women in STEM Team

Organizes the Women in STEM Mixer and takes part in other diversity iniatives such as the Expanding Your Horizons program with middle school girls.