Neal-Ideal Optical Metamaterial Absorbers with Super-Octave Bandwidth

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J. A. Bossard, L. Lin, S. Yun, L. Liu, D. H. Werner and T. S. Mayer
Department of Electrical Engineering and Center for Nanoscale Science, The Pennsylvania State University

MRSEC researchers have recently designed and demonstrated a broadband, polarizationinsensitive metamaterial with greater than 98% measured average absorptivity that is maintained over a wide ±45° field-of-view for mid-infrared wavelengths between 1.77 and 4.81 μm. This work represents a significant step toward realizing practical optical metamaterial absorbers that provide near-perfect broadband absorption over a specified super-octave bandwidth.

This work was published in ACS Nano 8 (2014) and was supported by the NSF MRSEC Grant No. DMR-0820404. The metamaterial absorbers were fabricated at the Penn State NSF NNIN site.

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IRG 4 - Electromagnetic Nanostructures