Neal-Ideal Optical Metamaterial Absorbers with Super-Octave Bandwidth


J. A. Bossard, L. Lin, S. Yun, L. Liu, D. H. Werner and T. S. Mayer
Department of Electrical Engineering and Center for Nanoscale Science, The Pennsylvania State University

MRSEC researchers have recently designed and demonstrated a broadband, polarizationinsensitive metamaterial with greater than 98% measured average absorptivity that is maintained over a wide ±45° field-of-view for mid-infrared wavelengths between 1.77 and 4.81 μm. This work represents a significant step toward realizing practical optical metamaterial absorbers that provide near-perfect broadband absorption over a specified super-octave bandwidth.

This work was published in ACS Nano 8 (2014) and was supported by the NSF MRSEC Grant No. DMR-0820404. The metamaterial absorbers were fabricated at the Penn State NSF NNIN site.

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IRG 4 - Electromagnetic Nanostructures