Outreach Partnerships

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The Penn State MRSEC partners with and supports the education and outreach activities lead by the following organizations:

American Association of University Women (AAUW) State College Branch
A Center staff member serves as Co-chair of the AAUW-SCB STEM Committee and engages Center members and outreach partners in the organization's STEM programs.

Center for Nanotechnology Education and Utilization (CNEU)
A Center members participate in CNEU workshops and utilize their educational resources; the CNEU provides career information and remote access capabilities to teachers via the Nanotechnology Teacher Workshop.

Center for Science and the Schools (CSATS)

- Center outreach staff participate in a monthly CSATS program; CSATS staff present content at the annual Nanotechnology Teacher Workshop.

Discovery Space of Central PA - Children's Science Museum

- Center members present NISE Net, Museum Show, and other educational activities on the museum floor and at special events at the museum, such as NanoDays.

Eberly College of Science - Outreach Office

- Center members serve as volunteers and workshop presenters for programs such as Haunted-U, Expanding Your Horizons, Higher Achievement, Exploration-U, and more.

Eberly College of Science - Center for Excellence in Science Education (CESE)

- Center faculty and graduate students are encouraged to participate in the professional development and educational programs offered by CESE.

The Franklin Institute (TFI)

- TFI staff and Center members work together to develop, build, distribute and train recipients of, and present museum show kit activities for nationwide audiences at museums and science centers.

Materials Research Institute (MRI)

- MRI staff and facilities provide support, resources, and physical space for educational programs; the MRSEC Tour Guide Team leads general educational facility tours for audiences upon request; members are encouraged to present at the weekly interdisciplinary research Millennium Cafe hosted by MRI.

Penn State Materials Characterization Laboratory

- MCL staff join Center members in the development and implementation of activities and workshops for science camps, visiting groups, programs lead by other outreach programs, etc.

MRSEC Education Directors Network

- Center staff join outreach representatives from other MRSEC organizations at an annual meeting and participate in network-wide committees.

Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory

- NanoFab staff join Center members in the development and implementation of activities and workshops for science camps, visiting groups, programs lead by other outreach programs, etc.

Nanoscale Informal Science Education Network (NISE Net)

-  the Center has been an annual recipient of NanoDays kit activities for many years; Center members use these activities throughout the year at both MRSEC-lead and partner-lead outreach programs.

PA Space Grant Consortium

-  Center members are encouraged to participate in programs lead by the PA Space Grant Consortium such as MURE: Minority Undergraduate Laboratory Research Experience and WISER: Women in Science and Engineering Research.

Science-U Summer Camps

-  the Center supports scholarships for underrepresented high school students to attend Science Leadership Camp, and members participate in several activities which expose Leadership campers to the importance of materials research through a Scientist Mixer and Research Snapshot workshops; a new materials-themed camp is anticipated for summer 2017.