Synthesis Laboratory

The Synthesis Laboratory located in 344 Davey, is home to center personnel who are involved in the making of new periodic porous hosts and in templating infiltrants from the porous hosts. In addition to housing a user built Synthesis system, the Synthesis Laboratory houses two hoods, benches and facilities for wet chemistry. Currently, a thermal evaporator system is also housed in this room.

Individuals interested in using this lab should contact Moses Chan.

Thermal Evaporator

The upgraded Thermionics VE-90 thermal evaporator is a versatile 3 source thermal evaporation system that has been used to deposit a variety of thin metal films to support electrical and optical characterization efforts within the MRSEC. The evaporator has a turbo-molecular pumping system, a stainless steel bell-jar with removable top plate, two 2kVA dc power supplies for three independent resistive sources, two thickness/rate controllers, and a pneumatic source shutter. It allows co-evaporation from two different sources for alloy/compound films, or, a sequence of depositions from three different sources for mutilayers/superlattices. The system is also equipped with a rotary-feedthrough and a 2"-linear-feedthrough for in situ masking, two liquid-nitrogen feedthroughs for cold trap and sample-stage cooling, and an electrical-feedthrough for sample-stage heating and/or in situ resistance monitoring of the film in deposition.

Metallic Nanowires and Porous Alumina Membrane Synthesis System

We have developed a system to fabricate porous alumina membranes with pore size of 10-100 nm and metallic nanowires with lengths of 10-50 µm. The system contains a dc voltage supply (0-60 V, 0-2A), a multimeter, anodizing bath and depositing cell, cooling bath, heating plate and stirring plate. High quality single-crystal metallic nanowires (Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, Pb, Bi and Zn) are fabricated by controlling the deposition parameters (temperature, applied electric potential, etc.). Polycrystalline (Rh, Pt, Co, Ni) or striped nanowires (Co/Cu) are also achieved.