Tunable Nanowire Patterning with Acoustic Tweezers

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Penn State MRSEC DMR-­‐0820404: Y. Chen, X. Ding, S.-­‐C. S. Lin, S. Yang, P.-­‐H. Huang, N. Nama, Y. Zhao, A. A. Nawaz, F. Guo, W. Wang, Y. Gu, T. E. Mallouk, and T. J. Huang (ACS Nano, Vol. 7, pp. 3306-­‐3314, 2013)

Patterning of nanowires in a controllable, tunable manner is important for the fabrication of functional nanodevices. MRSEC researchers have used standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW) to construct large-scale nanowire arrays with well-controlled patterning geometry and spacing within 5 seconds. By controlling the distribution of a SSAW field, metallic nanowires can be assembled into different patterns. This technique possesses several advantages over alternative patterning approaches, including high versatility, tunability, and efficiency, making it promising for a variety of device applications.

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IRG 2 - Powered Motion on the Nanoscale