Education & Outreach Programs

The Education and Outreach programs at the Center for Nanoscale Science (a NSF funded MRSEC) provide opportunities for children and youth, teachers, parents, undergraduates, the general public, and anyone with an interest in science to learn about nano and micro-scale science and engineering. The Center is at the cutting edge of materials research, a field that touches our every day lives and has the potential to solve many of the world's current and future challenges.  As a result, programs are designed to share this knowledge, explain the importance of materials research, encourage interest and excitement, and inspire the next generation of researchers to get involved.

Center Member Involvement

Center researchers are the key participants in all programs. In addition to the expertise and knowledge that they bring directly from the lab, graduate students, postdocs, and faculty gain valuable experience communicating their own research, representing their field of study, and exploring the wonder of science and technology with both general and specialized audiences.  An intentional structure is used by the Center to engage student researchers in areas that best suite their personal interests and professional goals for the given year.

Outreach Teams

Graduate students annually choose the team that best matches their interests and goals.  Each team focuses upon a particular theme, and implements specific programs that support it.  Additional Center programs that fall outside of the team focus areas are open to everyone for involvement.

Diversity Committee

A committee of Center members, College and Graduate School diversity officers, and representatives from member Departments meet as needed to review and advise the diverstiy-related efforts of the Center.  Diversity-related initiatives are integrated into all education and outreach activities.

Graduate Student - Postdoc Advisory Committee

The contributions, input, needs, and opinions of graduate students and postdoc members are a key, valued, and important part of the life of the Center.  As a result, the Center leadership meets 3-4x per year with student and postdoc representatives from each IRG and Outreach Team for open, two-way discussions.  This personal, direct interaction provides an additional channel of effective communication across the organization that increase a true sense of community.

You're invited to get involved! Whether it is to satisfy your curiosity about science, bring new subject matter to your classroom, or to provide new learning opportunities for your children, please contact us if you would like to participate. If you want to volunteer to contribute to any of our education or outreach programs, please let us know.  We welcome volunteers from both within and outside the MRSEC membership!