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Designed with a mobile-first, kid-friendly theme, the initial set of eight activities featured on the site are organized around three themes of materials science:

  1. Ingredients – Atomic Models , Sand Structures, Bubble Wars
  2. Building processes – Lemon Freeze, Grilled Cheese Stackers
  3. Control – Molecule Races, Color Control, Mini Motors

Each activity was conceived, designed, tested, and scripted iteratively, guided by education and design staff from each project partner and involving cohorts of MRSEC students, staff, and faculty at each stage. This collaborative process ensures scientific accuracy while also providing opportunities for scientists to learn and practice communication and outreach skills.

On the site, each activity will be anchored by a “how-to” video, hosted by high school students from The Franklin Institute’s youth programs as approachable guides for exploration. A second video, featuring MRSEC scientists researching related topics, helps connect each activity to more in-depth science and real-world applications. Links to additional resources, written or curated by MRSEC scientists, offer gateways to further exploration. The instructions for each activity are also included in downloadable PDF format to facilitate use in other educational settings.

"How-To" Color Control