Low Temperature Laboratory

Instruments in the Low Temperature Laboratory located in 329 Davey and the 3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator located in S-13 Osmond allow MRSEC researchers to perform electrical transport and thermodynamical measurements at very low temperatures and in the presence of large magnetic fields. The Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) possess the ease of features needed for operation in a multi-user environment, while the dilution refrigerator is a highly specialized piece of equipment used to verify quantum confinement effects.

In addition to the PPMS, 329 Davey also contains a number of 15 K and 0.5 K cryostats which are available for use by MRSEC members.

Individuals interested in using this lab should contact Moses Chan.

Quantum Design Model 6000 Physical Property Measurement System

Although a broad-based instrument, MRSEC researchers mainly use this system to do transport measurements on superconducting and silicon nanowires. Electrical transport and heat capacity measurements can be carried out from 400 K down to 0.45 K and under fields as high as 9 T. The system includes an integrated, multi-channel, dc resistance bridge, calibrated thermometry, and software algorithms for measuring heat capacity. A new PPMS is in the process of acquisition.

Leiden 3He-4He Dilution Refrigerator

The Leiden refrigerator has a base temperature of approximately 0.013K, and a maximum magnetic field up to 9T. This system is equipped with many leads for standard transport measurements, a low temperature coaxial cable for high frequency measurement, and capillary for cryogenic liquid experiments.