Spring 2019 Seminar

MRSEC Monday Seminar
Spring 2019
Monday's at noon in S5 Osmond


Jan. 14




"Can naturally-noncentrosymmetric biomolecules be used to construct
piezo-/ferro-electric materials?"

Dr. Seong Kim
Department of Chemical Engineering
Penn State





Jan. 16

"How to participate in the MRSEC renewal competition?"

Dr. Vin Crespi
Director, Penn State MRSEC



  Jan. 21

"Plasmonic properties of noble metal nanoparticle-decorated 2D layered materials"

Dr. Fei Yan
Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
North Carolina Central University


"Imaging carrier dynamics in nanostructure semiconductors"

Dr. Marvin Wu
Department of Mathematics & Physics
North Carolina Central Univeristy 





Jan. 29

Professional Development Seminar:

"Strategic goal setting, accountablitly and time management for academic writing"

Dr. Catherine Berdanier
Department of Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering 
Penn State



  Feb. 4

Professional Development Seminar:

"Salary Negotiations"

Allison Probst
Financial Literacy & Life Skills Associate



  Feb. 11 No Seminar  


  Feb. 18

Title TBA

Dr. Josh Robinson
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Penn State



  Feb. 25

"Electrochemical sensors for analysis of bacterial cells"

Dr. Aida Ebrahimi
Department of Electrical Engineering
Penn State



  March 4  No Seminar: Spring break & APS Meeting


  March 11

 *~*~* No seminar *~*~*





March 12


 Title TBA

 Dr. Seong Kim
Department of Chemical Engineering
Penn State




Wednesday, March13

@12:20 PM

Title TBA

Dr. Jon-Paul Maria
Department of Material Science Engineering
Penn State



  March 18

Title TBA

 Drs. Lauren Zarzar and Ayusman Sen
Department of Chemistry
Penn State



  Tuesday, March 19

Title TBA

 Dr. Christine Keating
Department of Chemistry
Penn State





March 20

Title TBA

Dr. Qing Wang
Department of Materials Science & Engineering
Penn Stat



  March 25

“Symmetry-broken electronic metalattices”

Dr. Christopher Giebink and Dr. John Badding
Departments of Electrical Engineering and Chemistry
Penn State





March 27


Cancel: No MRSEC Seminar



  Friday, March 29

Title TBA

Drs. Shashank Priya and Ismaila Dabo
Department of Materials Science
Penn State



  April 1  *~*~* No Seminar: ACS Meeting *~*~*


  April 8

Professional Development Panel Discussion:

"The In's & Out's of Obtaining a Faculty Position"

Panelists: Dr. Deepak Iyer (Physics, Bucknell University), Susan Kempinger (Physics, PSU), Dr. Ray Schaak (Chemistry, PSU) Dr. John Swierk (Chemistry, SUNY Binghamton)



  April 15

CSULA: PREM Partnership 

Seminar Titles TBA



  April 22  *~*~* No Seminar: MRS Meeting  *~*~*



May 13

@ 1 PM


102 Chemistry

MRSEC Grad Student Seminar: Title TBA

Dr. Cherie Kagan
Departments of Electrical & Systems Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science & Engineering 
University of Pennsylvania