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Welcome to the Center for Nanoscale Science

The Center for Nanoscale Science is a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) supported by the National Science Foundation under grant DMR-2011839 (2020 - 2026). The Center supports collaborative, interdisciplinary research efforts in the area of nanoscale materials.

IRG1 -  2D Polar Metals and Heterostructures

IRG 2 - Crystalline Oxides with High Entropy

Two MRSEC outreach volunteers are smiling in their science booth.

MRSEC grads and Upward Bound students bond at Arts Fest Kids Day.

IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function

IRG 3 - High-Pressure Enabled Electronic Metalattices

Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Currently the Center is composed of four (4) Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRG). Common themes of complex materials synthesis and length scale dependent physical phenomena permeate all four of the IRGs. These research themes are integrated with major efforts in educational and industrial outreach.

News at MRSEC

Shirell Klein (former PSU REU), Joshua Sosa, Alexander Castonguay, Willmer Flores, Lauren Zarzar and Yangyang Liu, published a paper in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers; Green Synthesis of Zr-based Metal-Organic Framework Hydrogel Composites and their Enhanced Adsorptive Properties. Read the abstract in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Researchers led by Shengxi Huang, assistant professor of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at Penn State, have altered 2D materials to enhance light emission and increase signal strength - highlighted in Penn State | Today

Jennifer and Cheng-Yu of IRG 4 research on "A multishot lensless camera in development could aid disease diagnosis" highlighted in Penn State | Today

MRSEC - Center for Nanoscale Renewed at $18 million over 6 years article in Penn State | News

Upcoming Events 2020

MRSEC Seminar Series: Spring 2021

See you in the Spring 2021! Tenative start date is Monday, Feb. 1

Stay strong, safe and well!


Seminars will be virtual for Spring 2021! Look for the zoom link in your email
MRSEC Seminars are on Monday’s at 12:20 PM unless otherwise noted.

Mission: Materials Science

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