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Welcome to the Center for Nanoscale Science

The Center for Nanoscale Science is a Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) supported by the National Science Foundation under grant DMR-1420620. The Center supports collaborative, interdisciplinary research efforts in the area of nanoscale materials.

IRG1 - Designing Functionality into Layered Ferroics

IRG2 - Powered Motion at the Nanoscale

IRG 3 - High-Pressure Enabled Electronic Metalattices

IRG 4 - Multicomponent Assemblies for Collective Function

Two MRSEC outreach volunteers are smiling in their science booth.

MRSEC grads and Upward Bound students bond at Arts Fest Kids Day.

Interdisciplinary Research Groups

Currently the Center is composed of four (4) Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRG). Common themes of complex materials synthesis and length scale dependent physical phenomena permeate all four of the IRGs. These research themes are integrated with major efforts in educational and industrial outreach.

News at MRSEC

MRSEC graduate student Liqiang Ren received this highly competitive award established to provide recognition and financial assistance to outstanding graduate students performing industrially sponspored researach at Penn State. 

Congratulations Liqiang!

Susan Trolier-McKinstry professor of ceramic science and engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park.  For development of thin film multilayer ceramic capacitors and piezoelectric microelectromechanical systems. Read the story in PENN STATE | NEWS

Chris Giebink, associate professor of electrical engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park. Antireflection coating makes plastic invisible See the story in PENN STATE | NEWS

MRSEC Faculty member Mikael Rechtsman (IRG4) has been awarded the International Commision for Optics (ICO) Prize for 2018 for his "pioneering contributions to the field of topological photonics." He will be receiving his prize at the next ICO conference in Carthage, Tunis next year.

Congratulations to Mikael Rechtsman.  Kudos.

MRSEC Faculty member Tom Mallouk (IRG1, IRG2) has been selected by Clavirates Analytics as a "Highly Cited Researcher" for 2018.  Only 15 members of the entire Penn State faculty have been selected for this honor this year.

Congratulations to Tom Mallouk. Kudos.

Upcoming Events 2019

MRSEC Seminar: Peter Buckland

Sustainability Institute, PSU

"Universities in the Anthropocene: A View on Education & Research for Sustainability"

No MRSEC Seminar: Thanksgiving (Fall Break) Week
No MRSEC Meeting: MRS Fall Meeting
MRSEC Seminar - Darlene Taylor

Chemistry Department, North Carolina Central University
"A Tale of Three Materials: Lessons Learned from Stimula Responsive Polymers"


MRSEC Seminars are on Monday’s at 12:20 noon in S-5 Osmond Lab unless otherwise noted.

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