Graduate Research Experience and Transitioning to Grad School highlight slide

What Has Been Achieved: Launched a new DEI initiative during the summer of 2021 that focused on incoming grad students. Grad students spent 6-weeks in the lab working ~40 hours a week with professional development, life skills, and community-building programming twice a week, focusing on resources that would help them as a student. 

Importance of the Achievement: This in-person research experience was particularly important for those underrepresented minority students who didn’t experience a traditional REU or summer internship because of COVID-19, in addition to general benefits in easing the transition to grad school. Evaluation of the GREaT GradS program highlighted that we are on track for developing a novel program for incoming grad students who are transitioning to grad school. 

Unique Feature(s) of the MRSEC/PREM that Enabled this Achievement: GREaT GradS participant Lauren Duneas was a member of the Cal State LA PREM.