Crossover from Ising to Rashba Superconductivity in Epitaxial Bi2Se3/Monolayer NbSe2 Heterostructures highlight slide

What Has Been Achieved:  Fabrication of superconducting Bi2Se3 on monolayer NbSe2 heterostructures using all-MBE methods.

Importance of the Achievement: The successful synthesis of both Ising-type superconductor and topological insulator (TI) films by MBE as well as the observation of crossover from Ising-type to bulk Rashba-type superconductivity may advance the exploration of the robust topological superconductivity phase in TI/Ising-type superconductor heterostructures.

How is the achievement related to the IRG, and how does it help it achieve its goals? Our research team benefits from close collaboration within the IRG team. The experimentalists have investigated a hybridized structure consisting of two crystalline materials. The resulting heterostructure displays novel physical properties, which have been well explained by theoretical analysis. This system has the potential to serve as topological superconductors for quantum computing applications.

Yi et al, Nature Materials 21,1366 (2022).