Dynacool 14 T PPMS:

  • 1.9-400 K, ±14 T 
  • DC Resistivity, 4-wire resistivity and van der Pauw switch module 
  • AC Transport measurement module: AC Resistivity, 4 or 5-wire AC Hall Effect or I-V Curve High-resolution computer-controlled horizontal sample rotator (−10° to 370°) 
  • He-3 insert, 0.5 K base continuous, 0.4 K one-shot mode, 6μW cooling @ 0.5K, 80μW @ 1K

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Image of Dynacool PPMS system



High-Entropy thin film deposition

Laser ablation tool:

  • High temperature manipulator; in situ target exchange
  • RF oxygen plasma
  • RHEED; UHV construction
  • Designed for flexible multi-user use. 
  • Open to users with and beyond the MRSEC IRGs.

Image of Pulsed Laser Deposition Tool



Coming on line summer 2024 - Sputtering system:

  • High-temperature manipulator
  • Six-cathode source cluster
  • Ozone gas source
  • RF, pulsed-DC, and HiPIMS plasma drives 
  • In situ ellipsometry
  • UHV construction
  • Additional compositional flexibility
  • System designed for automated data acquisition
  • System will accommodate combinatorial synthesis
  • Enable machine learning assisted synthesis