NSF MRSEC Promotional Recruitment Video highlight slide

What Has Been Achieved: The creation of an almost final (version 3) of a NSF promotional video to be used to inform, inspire, and encourage further exploration for involvement in a MRSEC through the associated programs and positions offered by Centers at their respective MRSEC institutions. 

Importance of the Achievement: To equitably recruit diverse participants to MRSEC programs at all institutions requires a clear explanation of how MRSEC IRG research, professional development, and outreach and education programs are accessed by undergrad, grad, and postdoc researchers. More importantly, it is important to share what Centers uniquely provide to its early career participants so that recruits will be encouraged to explore and learn more. 

Unique Feature(s) of the MRSEC/PREM that Enabled this Achievement: The established Penn State MRSECs video production relationship with the university-affiliated local public broadcast station via the Mission: Materials Science project presented a strong opportunity to partner on the promo video effort for a quality result. Further, the leadership of Kristin Dreyer as the Chair of the Conference Connections Committee and former Chair of the NSF MRSEC Education Directors Network provided her with solid personal ties to other Education Directors at all Centers. All Centers were informed about the project in multiple ways and invited to contribute. Those institutions who actively did are listed on the highlight slide.