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Image of Rui Zu

Graduate Student, Rui Zu wins Alumni Association Dissertation Award

Rui Zu, Materials Science and Engineering

Zu’s research focuses on nonlinear optical materials that are used in lasers today but could have applications in other technologies. He developed an open-source software package that scientists from interdisciplinary fields can use to precisely analyze these materials with complex properties, which has remained a challenging task for nearly seven decades. The software, called ♯SHAARP, models both linear and nonlinear optical responses of materials, and this can be used by materials researchers to identify new or more effective materials for optical applications. Zu has already found new potential materials to explore using the software he developed, and he is making it available to the materials community widely to empower others.  

The Alumni Association Dissertation Award is part of Penn State's annual graduate student awards, which recognize graduate students who demonstrate excellence in teaching, research, service, and other academic activities. For more information, visit the 2023 graduate student award recipient announcement.