2019 Highlights

2019 Research Highlights

Education & Outreach

Penn State’s Center for Nanoscale Science invested multiple efforts to deepen and broaden connections the faculty and students of its PREM Partners, California State University Los Angeles (Cal Sta

IRG1 - Layered Ferroics

Polar metals counterintuitively bring two well-known phenomena into coexistence: bulk polar displacements and an electronic Fermi surface giving rise to metallic conduction.

IRG2 - Nanomotors

A MRSEC team programed multi-behavioral responses in microscopic self-propelled tori using nanoscale 3D printing, showing experimentally and theoretically that the tori continuously transition betw

IRG2 - Nanomotors

MRSEC researchers have developed a theory for molecular chemotaxis, active motion up or down a gradient in chemical concentration, driven by specific non-covalent interactions between molecules.

IRG3 - Metalattices

Adding nanoscale inclusions into silicon can be used to tailor its thermal conductivity.

IRG4 - Phototonic Assemblies

Phase-field modeling shows possible emergence of a transient electronic phase separation in VO2 upon photoexcitation, a coupling of optical excitation and electronic structure.