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2020 most popular list Journal of Materials Chemistry C - NCCU/Penn State REU

Joint NCCU-PSU REU Publiation by Shirell E. Klein (former PSU REU), Joshua D. Sosa, Alexander C. Castonguay, Willmer I. Flores, Lauren D. Zarzar and Yangyang Liu, listed in the most popular articles published in Journal of Materials Chemistry C in 2020. “Green Synthesis of Reduced Ti3C2Tx MXene Nanosheets with Enhanced Conductivity, Oxidation Stability, and SERS Activity”. 

IRG 2 Entropy Oxides Publication

Yihuang Xiong, Weinan Chen, Wenbo Guo, Hua Wei and Ismaila Dabo published a paper in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., Data-Driven Analysis of the Electronic-Structure Factors Controlling the Work Functions of Perovskite Oxides - Read the paper in PCCP.

CSULA-PSU REU PREM Joint Publication

Shirell Klein (former PSU REU), Joshua Sosa, Alexander Castonguay, Willmer Flores, Lauren Zarzar and Yangyang Liu, published a paper in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers; Green Synthesis of Zr-based Metal-Organic Framework Hydrogel Composites and their Enhanced Adsorptive Properties. Read the abstract in Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Shengxi Huang - Tailoring 2D materials to improve electronic and optical devices

Researchers led by Shengxi Huang, assistant professor of electrical engineering and biomedical engineering at Penn State, have altered 2D materials to enhance light emission and increase signal strength - highlighted in Penn State | Today

Kunyan Zhang & Shengxi Huang - Enhancement of van der Waals Interlayer Coupling Through Polar Janus MoSSe

Kunyan Zhang and Shengxi Huang recently published a paper in JACS

Leonard Jacques & Susan Trolier-McKinstry - Comparative Solution Synthesis of Mn Doped (Na,K)NbO 3 Thin Films

Leonard Jacques & Susan Trolier-McKinstry had a recently published in Chemistry-Europe

Jennifer Miller and Cheng-Yu on Lensless Imaging

Jennifer and Cheng-Yu of IRG 4 research on "A multishot lensless camera in development could aid disease diagnosis" highlighted in Penn State | Today

MRSEC Renewal Announcement

MRSEC - Center for Nanoscale Renewed at $18 million over 6 years article in Penn State | News

Bo Wang - Gold Medal Award from MRS Spring Meeting

Bo Wang won MRS Graduate Student Award Gold Medal - Congratulations Bo! Selection is highly competitive ~ MRS Awards Committee

Mission Materials Website Fills a Void during COVID-19

Kristin Dreyer, Tiffany Mathews, and Franklin Institute partner, Jayatri Das: Misson Materials Website highlighted in Penn State | News