News at MRSEC

Top 5 Winners Circle

Congratulations to graduate students Ambika Somasundar (IRG 2, Sen/Velegol Groups) and Kayla Gentile (IRG 2, Sen Group) on making it to the top five winners circle at the PPG Elevator Pitch Competition hosted by the Materials Research Institute.

Outreach Leadership Award

Congratulations to postdoctoral scholar Nathan D. Burrows (IRG4, Keating), who received an Outreach Leadership Award from the Center for Nanoscale Science in recognition of his valuable contributions to the Centre for Nanoscale Science Website Redsign Effort. Nathan currently plans to apply the $1,000 accompanying this award for professional travel to attend an upcoming national meeting of the Materials Research Society.

Poster Award

Congratulations to graduate student Chris Cheng (IRG2, McKinstry/Mallouk) for placing third in the poster competition at the International Workshop on Acoustic Transduction Materials and Devices.


Susan Trolier-McKinstry has published a textbook, Materials Engineering, focused on bonding, structure, and structure-property relationships. This succinct and easy-to-read textbook explains how bond strength and the arrangement of atoms in space combine to control the mechanical, optical, magnetic and electrical properties across a wide range of materials. With hundreds of figures and practice problems, it is sure to be a valuable resource for both graduates and senior undergraduates.

Enzyme Micropump

Enzyme micropumps (IRG2) power the release of insulin in response to changes in glucose levels. See the article on

MRS Fellow

Susan Trolier-McKinstry (IRG1, 2), who has been named a MRS Fellow! Susan has also been elected as the 2016 Vice-President and 2017 President of MRS!!

Schlom elected to NAE

Darrell Schlom (IRG 1) who has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering!

Faculty Scholar Medal

Christine Keating (IRG 4) who was selected as the 2017 winner of the Faculty Scholar Medal for her work on artificial cells.

Packard, Kaufman

Mikael Rechtsman (IRG 4), who won the Kaufman New Investigator Award, was also awarded the Packard Fellowship in 2017.